Touchscreen switcher for 4-wire | 8-wire touchscreens

USD 39.00

MimicsG4 compatible resistive touchscreen switcher

Available for order


This touchscreen switcher is only compatible with the MimicsG4

We now offer our 4-wire/8-wire automotive touchscreen switchers separately in case you need a spare or changing vehicles.

Main features:

  • 100% isolated touch switching for greater protection of your OEM devices
  • Tiny touchscreen sub board adapter to fit in tight places
  • Fail safe touchscreen pass through mode if MimicsG4 is removed uplugged

What’s in the box:

  • customGadz isolated touchscreen switcher
  • 4-pin and 8-pin adapters
  • 54cm (21″) connecting cable for MimicsG4
  • Mini 4-pin extension adapter
  • Ribbon cable set for touchscreen and sub boards
  • Touchscreen trigger cable