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The ultimate bluetooth touchscreen controller for iOS/Android.

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The MimicsG4 is the 4th generation of our mimics series of universal bluetooth touch controllers for Android and iOS devices. This version will now replace the previous MimicsX2 that offers the exact same functionality but with more features and enhanced support for newer and future devices.

Being a universal kit, you will first require to already have screen mirroring enabled in your vehicle. This can be either done via cable or WIFI mirroring boxes. To ensure compatibility, your existing touchscreen needs to be a 4-wire or 8-wire resistive type. To check this simply use a stylus or a pointy non metallic object to tap the touchscreen, if the touch registers then it will be compatible. If your vehicle is not currently equipped with a touchscreen, then simply adding a thin touchscreen overlay on top of your display will work.

All Android devices do not need any modifications to work however currently, iOS device require to be jailbroken for our driver to be installed.

RED is limited until stocks last. BLACK version will always be available.


MimicsG4 features:

  • USB firmware updates via flash disk for updates
  • Bluetooth wireless connection for smartphone touch interface
  • Compatible with iOS / Android (iOS requires jailbreak)

What’s in the box:

  • customGadz MimicsG4 main module
  • Ultra reliable Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle
  • If opting for touchscreen switcher, connecting cable will also be supplied

Size: L x W x H
[50mm x 60mm x 15mm] @ 38grams


Firmware v1.1.6 29-Sep-2017