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Hybrid smartphone integration for OEM car touchscreen equipped monitors.

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The MimicsX2 is now replaced by our new MimicsG4 – It offers the exact same feature plus more!

The MimicsX2 universal smartphone touch controller kit allows you to use your existing OEM touchscreen to control all the functionality of your smartphone. For vehicles that don’t have a factory touchscreen you can overlay a 4-wire touchscreen to enable touch functionality. Additionally, the MimicsX2 is not limited to cars allowing you to connect our hardware to displays fitted with a 4-wire touchscreen.

In order to complete the installation, you will need to already be able to mirror your device on your OEM display via the built in AUX input or via a vehicle specific video interface.


MimicsX2 features:

  • USB firmware updates via flash disk for updates
  • On the fly SDcard updates for future features
  • Compatible with iOS / Android (iOS requires jailbreak)
  • Rapid touchscreen calibration

What’s in the box:

  • customGadz MimicsX2 main module
  • Touchscreen switch sender to suit all 4-wire resistive touchscreens
  • Power cable and connecting harness
  • 4-wire extension adapter and ribbon cable

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