Full touchscreen control of all your apps. Straight from your dash.

No Auto. No Play. Just MimicsG4.

The most advanced remote bluetooth touchscreen controller for your Smartphone. Ever.

100% Full Control

Enables wireless control of all your apps, games and even videos. Exactly like you would use them on your smartphone.

OEM Protection

Our optional fully isolated touchscreen switcher safegards your OEM car electronics from inadvertent damage.

Multi-Platform - 4K Ready

Works with even more of the latest smartphones. Now with unlimited resolution support for iOS/Android.

Totally Wireless

New bluetooth module means low bandwidth connection. Now perfectly compatible with your WIFI mirroring devices.

External Multimedia

WIth a standard 3.5mm resistive steering wheel input you gain even more control with full multimedia functions.

Fast Touch Response

New 32bit processor, and bluetooth dongle give us the ultimate flexibily to give you the best performance all round.

Small case. Big features.

External Bluetooth

Our external bluetooth dongle can be plugged straight in, or extended for extra range. If better dongles are available we can upgrade it.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We didn’t just add a case. We completely redesigned it from the ground up with high performance and durability in mind.

NAVI Box Compatible

With a selectable UART interface, you standard navi boxes can now be directly compatible.


More Touchscreens

Now supporting more resistive, small capacitive and now even USB touchscreens.

Handfull of ports. Boatload of options.

1. USB Power

This flexible power connection allows you to power the system from USB or an optional automotive (12v) to USB adapter.

2. Mode Button

Some input devices have more than one mode. Use this capacitive button to switch between them.

3. USB1 Port

Here is where you connect a USB touchscreen or compatible HID input device. Any USB port can also be used for fimware updates.

4. Remote Input

Connection for an optional 3.5mm resistive steering wheel or multimedia controller.

5. External Input

This port connects to our optional automotive touchscreen switcher, small capacitve touch and also accepts UART touch protocol for Navi boxes.

6. USB2 Port

Special function port. Connect USB bluetooth dongle here or an optional external hardware accesory.

Frequently asked questions

If Mimics is bluetooth and my car also has bluetooth - How does that work?

Mimics employs a low bandwidth connection which enables it to seamlessly work with your existing bluetooth handsfree and audio system.

How do I know if my car is compatible with MimicsG4?

The MimicsG4 is a universal kit. As long as you can already mirror your smartphone to your OEM screen via cable or WIFI, and you have a 4 or 8 wire resistive touchscreen then Mimics will be compatible.

I really like this idea, but I have an iPhone will that work?

Although Android device require no software modifications to work, currently all iOS devices require to be jailbroken in order to be able to install our low level system driver.

My car has a display but I cant touch it - No touchscreen, what can I do?

Some cars do not come equipped with a factory touchscreen. But thats ok, you can easily fit a thin aftermarket touchscreen overlay on top of your existing screen to enable touch functionality of your smartphone.

Limited RED MimicsG4 only - USD$149

Aluminium extruded 60mm x 50mm x 15mm enclosure. It’s the most compact & durable Mimics to date. And did we mention the first released units will be in limited edition RED!

The 4th Generation Mimics.

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