Mirror your entire smartphone on your dash.
And use it, just like your smartphone.


like iOS? Love Android? MimicsX2 bridges the gap between your smartphone and your dash. Thats MimicsX2.

Wireless touch

No need for extra cables, MimicsX2 controls your phone at the system level quickly and precisely over bluetooth. And yes, you can still connect it with your OEM bluetooth connection.

Advanced calibration

With a highly advanced calibration algorithm with auto detection, auto scaling and orientation prediction. You can be assured of pin point accuracy.

Highly compatible

The MimicsX2 eases installation by being compatible with all 4-wire resistive OEM vehicle touchscreens.

No update hassles

On the fly updates allow to easily update the firmware simply by inserting the SDCard at anytime without disrupting operation.

Dual mode

Designed to integrate with your factory touchscreen. So you can switch between OEM and mimics mode in a flash.

Universal installation to fit most cars


You won’t loose your factory features

Keep on charging

Don’t be left with a flat device when you leave you car. MimicsX2 keeps you charged on the go while still working flawlessly.

Keep your bluetooth

Low latency bluetooth touch connection make it compatible with all factory bluetooth devices such as your factory bluetooth hands free.

Keep your touchscreen

Your car was built with a touchscreen. So why not use it. We developed the mimics to be compatible with most factory 4-wire touchscreens.

MimicsX2 for iOS & Android

Integrates your smartphone directly to your factory touchscreen display in your vehicle. The bluetooth external touchscreen control system allows you to mimic and display your smartphone contents directly to your cars dash display. Your car. Your smartphone. Your Dash. That’s MimicsX2.